The Next Einstein Forum

The Next Einstein Forum

The NEF is a New Global Forum for Science in Africa

The NEF will unite more than 500 outstanding thinkers and distinguished stakeholders from around the world together in Africa. NEF Global Gatherings, held every second year, will showcase 15 of Africa’s top young scientists and connect them with leaders from Africa and the rest of the world in high-profile, invitation-only forums. These leading scientists, policy-makers, business people, journalists, civil-society representatives and entrepreneurs will highlight breakthrough discoveries and catalyze scientific collaboration for human development.

To be held in Senegal as a 3-day event on 8-10 March 2016, the NEF will touch on the three pillars of science, society and policy.

Why a Next Einstein Forum in Africa?

A new global economic and scientific landscape is emerging, with Africa’s rapid transformation driven by the power of demographics, economic growth and political will. Science, technology and innovation are driving this process. Given the continental scale of change, there is a pressing need for a global forum in Africa where science can meet society, the media and policy-makers. To accelerate this transformation from promise to progress, African scientists must pursue international-class scientific work in Africa and science in Africa must develop an internationally-visible cohesive identity.

The NEF will foster a strong African scientific community as an influential member of the global scientific community, which will ensure sustainable human development in Africa and other parts of the world.
What makes the Next Einstein Forum unique?

The NEF has been carefully conceived to have broad, transformative and sustainable impact. More specifically, the NEF will:

  • Be a focal point for progress in science in Africa with a biennial science conference that reveals current advances in science and their impact on society and policy
  • Be an independent, impartial forum bringing together African and global leaders from science, industry, civil-society and government to forge links, cross-pollinate ideas and coordinate approaches
  • Support the creation of a unified African scientific identity integrated into the global scientific community and inspire talented young people to pursue science


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